Fidelity card

On the 15th of November, 2010 we started our fidelity program, dedicated to our customers, by putting into practice our customized fidelity cards. The program is targeted both for individuals and legal entities and can be used in our store. In case you order an item on our website, or make a purchase directly in our store, i.e. TUNING SHOP, at the following address: B-dul Gen. Magheru, no. 22/A, Oradea, you will have the chance to benefit from significant discounts using the fidelity card.

Companies that are (or will become) our registered clients as wholesale agents (distributors or stores) are not allowed to benefit from this special offer. The latter willl turn into beneficiaries of different discounts within the framework of fidelity programs.

All prices displayed on our website, as well as in our store include VAT.

You can get our fidelity card by demand, when purchasing products, if the total value of your purchase should amount to 200 Lei, incl. VAT, at the first order, but without taking into consideration the discounts provided by the fidelity offer. Discounts will be applied at the very next purchase.

Discounts will be awarded in the following two ways:

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  1. Instant discounts of 5% from the displayed prices, for purchases of min. 150 Lei incl/. VAT (discount does not apply to items which already have lowered prices, these are labeled with the colour red, previous price – new price).

  2. Discount of 5% from the displayed prices, for purchases of min. 150Lei incl. VAT, by accumulation of fidelity points, which can later be used to receive free items.

1 Leu = 10 fidelity points

Example for how fidelity points are applied:

By purchasing items in the value of 157,50 Lei, incl. VAT, , you will benefit from a discount of 20,54 Lei, which converted into fidelity points sums up to 205. These points will be added to the points obtained at your next purchase.

Example for purchasing items with fidelity points:

A. In the aforementioned situation you have 205 fidelity points stored up and the item you choose costs 15 Lei, which, converted, accounts to 150 fidelity points. We will extract 150 (representing the value of your item) from your existing 205 fidelity points. You will still have 55 points, that will be added to your next purchases.

B. In case the value of the product (or products) you wish to buy, converted into fidelity points, is higher than the total sum of your fidelity points, you can pay for the product using your fidelity points and the difference can be acquitted in Lei.

***In both cases, purchasing with the help of fidelity points, the exact number of points extracted will equal the value of the product. Another discount will not be applied, regardless of the present value of the item purchased. At the current purchase, you will not receive extra points.

***The fidelity points accumulated during the course of the fidelity program can't be converted into money (the beneficiary of the card can't request the value of the points in Lei). The fidelity points can solely be used to purchase goods at our stores.


In case you do not use up all fidelity points during the course of the year, i.e. until December 31, these will be completely erased from our system. Therefore, starting from January 1, our clients are invited to participate at the accumulation of fidelity points from scratch.

Each and every fidelity card holder will be provided with thorough information via email in 24 hours after each purchase regarding the value of the goods and the fidelity points accumulated.

The data above mentioned can be subject to modification during the program. These alterations will be published in the present regulations.

All rights reserved.

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