How to pay

How to pay

Our customers have several payment methods to purchase the ordered items:

  • cash payment, in the store

  • cash on delivery, at the courier

  • online payment with credit card (via the platform)

  • payment by money or bank transfer

Cash payments

You can pay with cash (RON) directly in our store, when picking up your items from our headquarters.

Cash on delivery

You can make a cash payment to the delivery agent, when the items arrive at your address.

Online payment with credit card

You can make an online payment (with personal credit card or your company's credit card) in total security and confidentiality. We accept credit cards issued with the Visa logo (Classic and Electron), Mastercard.

In order to fully guarantee money transfer security, Cridem uses the platform

For a succesful transaction, you need to fill in the details needed in order to authorize the process via the platform. Cridem does not request or store any type of details regarding the credit card used for online transfers.

Payment by money or bank transfer

If you choose to pay the payment by money or bank transfer, you have to make a financial transaction from your bank account to the seller's account. For a successful payment, you have to make sure you know the beneficiary's (Cridem) routing number, that is the account where the money will be sent to.

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